Brian Helgemo loves the satisfaction of helping customers reach their goals. And it shows. The Helgemo Team consistently ranks among the top three agents by the Board of Realtors’ since 2005. While the average real estate agent sells three-to-four properties per year, Brian sells three-to-four homes per week, adding up to more than 135 sales annually — year after year.

“A home is the largest financial purchase most people will ever make. I truly enjoy helping customers wisely make that investment,” says Brian. “We encourage customers to consider us as their go-to real estate resource, similar to how they view their attorney, CPA or financial planner.”

Brian’s success is not surprising. Real estate is in his blood. His grandmother was among the first women Realtors in the state of Florida. Today, his uncle owns and operates the firm that his grandmother started all those years ago. “My dad practiced real estate law early in his career. He also owned and sold many properties through the years – both by himself and with his brothers,” he says. “It’s definitely a big part of the family legacy.”